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How To Set Up A Compost Bin

How to Set Up a Compost Bin

Setting up a compost bin should be a must-do for every household. Not only does it lessen the amount of rubbish going into your garbage bin each week, but it contributes to the improvement and enhancement of your growing garden.

How do I set up my Compost Bin?

You don’t have to spend lots of money on creating one and you can get started quickly if you follow these easy guidelines. Choose a heavy-duty plastic bin that is tailor-made for compost or that you can drill holes all over at about 1cm intervals.

The key to creating compost is to layer the ingredients into the compost bin. Begin with about 10cm of a torn/shredded newspaper at the bottom of the container.

What can go in my Compost Bin?

Add a layer of green material including apple cores or fruit and veggie peelings. Follow this by adding items such as tea leaves and coffee grounds, with plant matter on top and some brown leaves and other decomposable leftovers.

Make sure to water the mass of organic matter, though not so much that it becomes drenched.

Where to place the Compost Bin?

It is also better if the compost is kept in a warmish area. Keep an eye on the bin and dampen when necessary to avoid drying out too much, remember to turn the natural goodness regularly, about once a month.

How much can I put in the Compost Bin?

The mixture will begin to break down quite quickly and the original height of the compost will begin to lower as it decays. It’s a good idea to keep adding more as the level diminishes, continually turning it when necessary.

When can I start using my Compost?

After a period of a few months, you will be able to use your beautiful, rich compost on your garden to promote the better health and care of your garden knowing the exact ingredients being used.


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