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Greenlands Mowing & Maintenance

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To maintain the health and appearance of your lawn it is important that you mow the lawn on a regular basis. Through consistent mowing of grass, you will encourage root development and promote healthy growth of your lawn.

Plants need regular pruning in order to remain healthy and promote new growth. With consistent weed spraying, you will be able to decrease the number of weeds that appear in your garden over time. Additionally, this prevents weeds from growing out of control. We regularly monitor gardens and evaluate their progress, to ensure they are remaining healthy and consistently look good.

As often as possible. The more often your lawn is mowed, the better it looks and it also prevents excessive thatch build-up. We usually do most jobs every fortnight, but will also do weekly or up to every 4 weeks.

Regular lawn mowing helps keep weeds down, minimises pests, makes the lawn less susceptible to disease. It promotes healthy growth of the grass by sending nutrients from the grass cuttings back into the soil.

Regular weed spraying decreases the amount of weeds over time and prevents them from becoming large and out of control.

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