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Create The Best Lawn For You And Your Dog

Create the best Lawn for you and your dog

If you prefer keeping your lawn neat and pristine, you might need to be mindful if you have a dog. After all, dogs are notorious for their tendency to transform a nicely maintained lawn into a muddy little mess, and a flower bed into a pile of chew toys.

Even if you have a less playful dog who won’t turn your lawn into a messy playground, having a pet might still contribute to lawn damage. Most dogs prefer to do their business on soft grass rather than hard surfaces, mainly because grass spreads their scent better. Dog urine, on the other hand contains nitrogen and can be beneficial to the soil in small amounts but not so much if your dog continues to use the same spot over and over, which is often the case.

So how do you keep your lawn in tip-top shape if you have a dog? The right care and maintenance are key to making your lawn resilient to any damage or other destructible elements. Use tough yet soft types of lawn grass, such as the Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo, Eureka Premium Kikuyu VG or Tif Tuf,which   all have self-repairing characteristics and are low maintenance.

Dogs, as you know, like to mark their territory and walk around re-marking it from time to time. One way to manage this, is to construct a clear path around the lawn, with a paw-friendly surface that will let your dog carry on his walks while keeping your lawn safe from any damage.

You may also try your hand at mixing up the varieties of  plants around your lawn.  Just because you have a pet, this doesn’t mean your lawn should be plain. You can use plants that are harmless to dogs, such as herbs and even forget-me-nots. Remember to avoid plants with thorns to avoid any potential injury occurring to your dog’s eyes.

Your dog will appreciate some shady areas of your lawntoo, especially during the summer. You can build a small shelter, complete with chew toys, a water bowl and a food bowl, where they can huddle and rest. Of course, if you want to take it up a notch, constructing a simple gazebo where you can spend time with your dog is also a great idea.

Although planning the perfect lawn might sound like a lot of effort, the time you spend with your pet outdoors in the backyard are totally worth it.


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